SciFi Stamps Tool - Brushes and Substances

Alchemic Iron Games
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This is a pack of sci-fi themed tools, brushes and alphas

These premade assets can be used to easily add extra details to your 3D sculpts and textures

Substance Designer .SBSAR

This includes 3 nodes to use inside your Substance Designer materials to add details with massive customization.

Control the shape, shadows, orientation, number, depth, emissive color, etc.

Includes the normal map, height map, ambient occlusion map, emissive map, and a base color map for more stylized assets.

Substance Painter .SPPR

Use this brush inside Substance Painter to add details with massive customization.

Includes all the same customization options and channels as the .SBSAR.

ZBrush Brushes

Usable with ZBrush 2018 or newer, this includes 3 multi-Alpha brushes.

The "Simple" brush allows you to place simpler stamps, the "Detailed" brush allows you to drag out the more complex stamps, and the "Draw" brush allows you to draw out lines of stamps.

Each brush is designed to be used either additively or subtractively for more options.


This includes the 76 different Alphas used to create the ZBrush brushes. These are mainly intended to be used with earlier versions of ZBrush, which do not include multi-Alpha brushes, or other sculpting software.


These assets may be used in personal or commercial projects.

These assets cannot be resold or redistributed.

This is a single-user license.

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