Stylized Eyes - Brush and Substance

Alchemic Iron Games
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This includes a brush (.SPPR) for Substance Painter 2019.3.1 or later, and a Substance (.SBSAR) for Substance Designer 2019.3 or later.

This tool can be used to easily texture a stylized iris with a single press, and includes many customization options. Such as;

  • Primary and secondary colors
  • Pupil size and shape (with 8 shape choices)
  • Pupil rim highlight
  • Toggle iris ring
  • Emissive intensity
  • Width to make the shape more oval or round

These tools include Base Color and Emissive maps. Roughness, Metallic, Normal etc are meant to be inherited from the underlying eye material.


These assets may be used in personal or commercial projects. These assets cannot be resold or redistributed.

This is a single-user license.

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